Grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts

Grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts could cover up to 50% of Lizza’s total fee


Arts Respond Performance Support Grants provide grants to non-profit organizations in Texas interested in booking Lizza and other artists from the Texas Touring Roster. The TCA program is designed to ensure that all Texans can enjoy performances by outstanding Texas artists in their own communities.


+Applications are funded on a sliding scale (typically 25-50%) of contracted fees.  Support is based on TCA’s available funds.

+Maximum award is 50% of Lizza’s total fee, including all expenses

+The greatest awards typically go to groups in rural and/or socio-economically disadvantaged areas.  Special programs are available for groups in the Rio Grande Valley, Midland/Odessa & El Paso areas

  • Application deadlines can be found here:
    • August 1 for performances occurring Sept. 1-Dec. 14
    • November 1 for performances from Dec. 15-March 14
    • February 1 for performances between March 15-June 14
    • May 1 for performances between June 15-Aug. 31

How to apply for a grant:

  1. If your organization doesn’t have one already, you’ll need to get a user ID for the TCA website and online grant applications at  You will need to provide your organization’s federal tax ID #, proof of non-profit status and some other information.
  2. Once you have the user ID & password, sign in and get started here

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to hire a performer, YOU are the PRESENTER.  The person presenting the program is called the ARTIST (that’s Lizza).